My tools of the trade include software, apps, devices and more.

Work Station

Machine: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports), 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB. This model is now obsolete, but you can get the closest here - forget to mention, I have a native Arabic and English keyboard. I also have external Wireless Arabic and English Keyboard and the Mac Magic Mouse 2.

Screens: Monitor 1 - HP 24fw, Monitor 2 - HP 22es.

Having the HP monitors has added clarity to my productivity in respect of having dual monitors and the quality for graphic design is wonderful. They also have great lighting and brightness which allow me code and work in the dark without glare. I use this USB-C to dual HDMI. I also use this USB-C type C dongle for SD cards and also this one for extensive USB usage - audio, studio lighting and external HD.

For the dock station and the laptop to balance vertically or horizontally I use this Lention Dock Bar.


Currently using a Fujifilm X-A7 and the OnePlus Nord using FiLMiC Pro. I use some studio lights, tripods and external microphones (a Boya MM1 - Camera Microphone) . I will buying more cameras shortly, probably waterproof GoPro and some more tripod and lights iA.

For recording further audio I use Boya Lavalier, Logitech Headset and this Sony Recorder (I have had this for years and it's wonderful. It records live lectures where you sit at least 7-10 rows behind the speaker)


The usual ones for creatives: The Latest OSX, Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X, Notion, Microsoft 360, VLC Media Player, Sublime Text 3, Photos, Audacity, Microsoft Todo, Folx. And of course ExpressVPN!

For splitting screens nicely I use Spectacle (free). For this Prayer clock, I use Guidance App (free) and Flag Times (free). All are readily available on the App Store on Mac. Have a look at how my time bar looks like:

I cannot live without - CleanUpMyMac, Dropbox and of course Google Workspace. If you click the Dropbox link, you will get discount and free space. Living in the UAE I also use a VPN - ExpressVPN (this is connected on all the family mobiles and devices). Again the links will get you some nice discount.


OnePlus Nord - Blue – A superb phone in a superb price bracket. Quality, speed and robustness are second to none.

iPhone 11 Pro - Great phone with the usual Apple iOS restrictions. I use this purely for work and iPhone mobile development.

Samsung Galaxy Watch - superb watch. Track swimming, horse riding, fitness and my 10k daily steps. I have a black stainless edition with a black strap. Very smart with a very "pilot" and manly feel.

Mobile Software

For both iOS and Android I have the most minimal of apps. I really try to use my phone if needed. Read the Make Time Book review if you are wondering ‘why?’ Anyways, this is the list of apps I use: Quranic, iQadha, Microsoft Todo, FiLMiC Pro, iQuran Pro, Notion, XE Currency Convertor, MyFitnessPal, Lithium, Interval Timer, Make Time, Quitzilla, Wifi Transfer Pro. (Some of these are free, some paid).


I have a Burj Khalifa Tower, ‘Post its’ (sticky notes) at hand and usually a book. At the time of writing this original post, I also had some tangerine peels. The Kabah on this shot is what my son made me.

Any comments or questions drop them below