Qur'an Memorisation Hifz
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Qur'an Memorisation Hifz

Watch and Listen

Imagine if you could Hifz the entire Qur'an in 6 months or less?

Does it sound Real? Can it be done?

Tried & Tested. This is the Miracle of the Qur’an.

  • Abu Yusuf - Age 23 - 4 Months 3 Weeks
  • Mustafa Aumier - Age 30 - 6 Months
  • Hamzah Qasim - Age 12 - 5 Months 2 Weeks

These are just a few of the many hundreds of students those who have memorised the WHOLE Qur’an by heart on this syllabus. 5 Pages / Day = 6 Months Completion. (Sooner depending on students ability)

How can it be done and how does it work?

It's Intense, It's Demanding and it Works! It's Tried & Tested.

Just like any crash course it requires time and dedication. All that we now need is the motivation; so we too can be inspired and learn the Holy Qur’an.
This Syllabus is currently used in Palestine, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon, and now we have brought the same syllabus to the UK and online for the first time. in-shaa-Allah, this will allow not only our children and young ones, but also us elders and those of us who may have missed out on the opportunity when we were young.

How does it work?

Based on our syllabus of learning 5 pages of the Qur’an per day, completion takes 6 Months. However, during the initial stages of learning, it might take 5 pages per day but this soon escalates into 7 pages a day. These speeds up the memorisation and results in early completion; as we have seen from the syllabus currently being undertaken in the above mentioned countries.

This is a sample part of the methodology:

  • Environment - Study online in a classical ilm seeking approach (we will show you how you can make a distraction free and motivational Qur'an environment, including apps and aids that you can do in your daily life)
  • Orientation: 3 weeks Tajweed and Reading Qur'an only.
  • Crash Camp memory: 1 week pre-memory charge (this week is focussed on light memorisation of Juzz Ama Surahs and putting in place the memory formula) making habits.
  • 5 Months Qu'ran (Monday - Saturday):
    - Morning Session 5.45AM - 7.30 AM
    - Evening Session 7.30PM - 9PM (no evening class on Saturday)
  • Nutrition and Diet - we spend a 4 hour session on nutrition and diet, including basic exercises and habits you can do to aid memory. Also there is a monthly summit program for 2 hours where past students, guest speakers and events take place. This is a much needed social break for our students.

Learn more and register at the Hifz School website.

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