šŸ¤² Companies

I run three companies, which are operated and run remotely. All are registered and licensed in the UK:

1 - ā¤ļø iQadha - visit

The #1 Missed Salah App - storing, calculating and encouraging you to make up your missed Qadha Salah. Like a diary.

šŸš€ 100% Muslim Made
ā¤ļø 100% Privacy + Ad Free

2 - šŸ“— The Hifz School - visit

The famous Qur'an memorisation program that is an intensive 6 month or 12 month Qur'an completion program. This is my school, you can enrol and become a Hafiz in rapid time!

3 - šŸš€ Khaleel Systems

Content publishing (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, this Blog), affiliate marketing, partnerships and courses and tutorials. The courses and tutorials cover productivity around Islamic courses. The content publishing includes reviewing Islamic apps, Muslim tech. Further, I specialise in all aspects of e-commerce, web and mobile app product design and development. I am always looking for collaboration and idea sharing.