Welcome to Khaleel
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Welcome to Khaleel

Welcome to Khaleel

Assalamualaikum World

$echo 'Hello Dunya';

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I am Khaleel. A Muslim techie expert, productivity geek; and I love all the things that come in the ambit of Islam. I'm currently learning on an Islamic Studies Program with 🕋 Qur'anic Arabic and doing 📗 Hifz (Holy Qu'ran memorisation). I am an avid believer of being humble and clean hearted and I am Student and Seeker of Knowledge طالب علم.

On this site, as well as my 🍿 YouTube Channel - I talk about my journey, share Islamic App reviews and all things around Digital Muslim lifestyle. Including:

  • Islamic App Reviews
  • Tutorials on learning Islamic courses
  • Productivity Tips as a Muslim
  • Hacks as a Muslim with tech
  • Muslim tech world
  • Random stuff too - Muslim lifestyle related though!

I like to think of my friends, followers and readers as "Digital Muslims". This means happier, healthier and productive Muslims.

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