About Khaleel Mughal

CTO - Chief Technology Office - Sunnah Currency

Salam World! I'm Khaleel. Without any pride nor without any of my introvert nature I can say that my full name Abu Muhammad Khaleel Mughal ibn Anwar Mughal ibn Muhammad Mustaaq ibn Imam Deen ibn Ibrahim ibn Akeel. I am proud of lineage and heritage. My father grew in up in Kenya and before his forefathers came from India. My fathers mother is from Sudan and has lineage from Jordan. My mother, born and raised in Pakistan, her mother Bless her Soul was from Kashmir. My mothers father, Afghanistan and pure pataan in all senses. May Allah swt accept the Ummah

Additional to my love for my religion, Islam (the Truth); I love graphic design and I have a passion for digital technology (a healthy one). I've been designing, developing, marketing and leading product and software teams for over 19 years. I've got extensive experience in Omni channel, e-commerce, web and mobile rich internet application delivery and architecture.

I am crazy about Islamic technology and the "Digital Muslim" - happier, savvy, smarter and more productive in Deen and Dunya.

Furthermore, I'm well versed in HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, Apache, PHP, Nginx, IBM WebSphere, Node.js, React, Amazon Web Services, cPanel, Digital Ocean, phpBB, vBulletin, xmbforum, InvisionPowerBoard IPB, CakePHP, React Native, RackSpace, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Ghost, WordPress, Contentful, Apigee, Perl, Bash, Classic ASP, MySQL, Jamstack, Headless CMS, Auth0, Gravty LJI Loyalty Platform, Kafka, Beam Digital Wallet, PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, PayFort, ccAvenue, Drupal, Java, Cocoa, Swift, C#, ASP.NET, Pascal, Bash, Perl, Apigee, Akamai, CloudFlare, DynDNS, BuySellAds, SQL, MongoDB, Islamic Finance, FinTech, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Metaverse, Gold and Silver, Assayery, Islamic FinTech, Islamic Finance and the list goes on.

I wore the hat of SEO, Developer, UI, UX, Designer and Tester for 2 years in a row for a large company – these were real technical roles at the time; today, these may seems no more than side gigs

I have launched successful (& failed) businesses in the UAE and the UK which I have sold, moved on or become a silent partner. I love E-Commerce. Allah (swt) has blessed me with the opportunity to have worked with Net-A-Porter, JDSports, Nike, adidas, Under Armour, RAF Royal Airforce, FitnessFirst, Exigo, Fit-Equip, DAMAC, Sun & Sand Sports, Majid Al Futtaim, Puma, Reebok and more. I have also worked for leading companies in this field as Head of Ecommerce Development, Lead Developer and other similar posts and titles.

In 2021 I ventured and launch Sunnah Currency - The Worlds Islamic Mint Platform to Buy and Sell Physical Gold Dinar and Silver as per the Shariah compliant just as the Sahaba (r.a) used! Also if you love APIs.. if you love money, gold and Islam - then I encourage you to join, support and read this; https://islamicmonetarycouncil.org/maths.html it is time the Muslim own the price and value of gold and silver once again ...

A few years ago I opened my very own school - The Qur'an 6 Month Hifz Program which is now available on the courses page. I also run these two companies alongside; Khaleel Systems (blogging, YouTube and content creation) and the other one by the name of iQadha. I am studying to become a Hafiz of the Quran and learning Qur'anic Arabic with Islamic Studies. I am a father; husband and I have full time job leading technical teams too!

How do I get the time?! Are you curious to find out?

Drop me a message on Twitter or reach out to me anytime at hi@khaleel.co.uk