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For the past 10+ years I have actively provided web and digital consultancy services to some of the world’s biggest companies. I have a range of technical skills that I offer to my clients backed with client testimonials and commercial work experience.

I specialise in ecommerce web design and development, responsive web design, ecommerce architecture, search engine optimisation, marketing and operational services such as server configuration, load balancing, security and much more.

Over the years I have un-bloated 1,000s of code lines, harnessed with the use of real-time analytics, together with UI and UX. Not forgetting to mention, re-touching thousands of super model images for the likes of Gorgeous Couture – editing videos for fashion shoots and runway models for the likes of Fitness First and many other affiliates.

I am actively seeking contract positions and work in Dubai and Manchester holistically.

Featured Clients

adidasNikePumaReebokSpeedoSun & Sand SportsSuzukiThe North FaceJD Sports


Web Design & Development

I build RIA in PHP, MySQL and NGINX. When developing on mobile I use Cordova, PhoneGap and Titanium to make cross-channel and web native apps. I also code WordPress, SASS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and clean semantic HTML5. I build modules on vBulletin too. All my work carries a strict naming convention and pragmatic/automation approach to coding and development.

Ecommerce Strategy & Consultancy

I have experience in managing, directing and building on high traffic websites using OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2 and IBM WebSphere Commerce. I provide full multi-channel & omni channel architecture with multi-language, multi-platform (web/desktop/mobile/kiosk) and multi-currency development.

SEO, PR and Marketing

I continuously achieve first page on competitive terms for clients and I provide long term social media and search engine optimisation strategy from organic link building to increasing conversions using Google Analytics and other tools.

Branding and Art Direction

I offer poster designing, branding and brochure kits that are well planned and researched. This includes complete UI/UX overhaul backed with A/B testing using tools like Monetate to offer the user the best experience.

Featured Work

JD Sports

I was responsible for building and integrating templates and working within the constraints of IBM WebSphere Commerce. I also worked with OneIOTA's MESH Multi-channel ecommerce platform to support other group facias (Bank Fashion, size, Blacks, Scotts menswear etc). I actively offer continuous consultation to JD on Front-End best practices and so far implemented Basecamp, Project briefing, Github source control and much more. I am contracting and working as the lead senior developer and training full time staff as the lead consultant on all projects for JD Dev. WordPress has also been a big player for JD as I created several modules at JD. I also lead the e-mail transformation to responsive templates for the group including international email templates in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian..

IBM WebSphere Commerce - Omni Channel - Architecture

Sun and Sand Sports

SSS - Sun and Sand Sports part of the Gulf Marketing Group (GMG) is the biggest sports retailer in the Middle East. I work for GMG across facias; specifically for SSS I have done work using Magento EE, PHP, MySQL, APIs, intelligent JSON Rest feed systems. I have also worked with InRiver, RedBox Digital Click and Collect, Wednesday Agency front end design architecture and much intense work on scaling Magento into a multi-domain, multi-language and multi-currency store offering social, mobile, desktop and a kiosk flawless shopping experience.

Magento EE - InRiver PIM - Multi Channel - Multi Language - Nginx

Gorgeous Couture
I am contracting as the lead e-commerce consultant for Gorgeous Couture. Our team has been nominated for Drapers eTailer Awards and many other appearances in, OK Magazine and The Daily Mail. I handle all the Back End Development and Front End development for the entire desktop and mobile channels. I handle all the SEO and online marketing. All direction on art, creative and staff training was is left to me to deliver. I regular present to staff during the week on new SEO practices including training staff on PR and blog writing, product description and meta information. I have built better systems for CityLink and Royal Mail for the logistics of the warehouse operations. This has been a 2 year contract and there has been an incredible amount of work carried.

OpenCart - Search Engine Optimisation - Multi Channel - Graphic Design - Photography and Video Catwalk - PR - Ecrm

Nike, Nike CTR, Nike AB

Nike CrossTown Running or Nike CTR is a product collection by Nike specialising and promoting the concept of running within city and suburban landscapes. I worked with Nike to build the Nike CrossTown Running experience which was a clean responsive and minimal multi page architecture website that involved lots of jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and lots of custom JavaScript. The application is unique due to the balance of JSON that powers some of the content as well as the search engine optimistation Nike wanted. There is also extensive use of using SoundCloud and Instagram APIs for social feeds.

JSON - JavaScript - HTML5 - Minimal - Design - Art Direction